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Product Sheet Dimensions and Shapes

Many Zendura products are available in different sheet dimensions and shapes. When selecting a Zendura product for a specific application (e.g., teeth movement, teeth retention, etc.), be sure to select the sheet dimension and shape (Circle or Square) required for the specific thermoformer you will use to thermoform the sheet into a clear appliance. If you need help selecting the correct Zendura product, please call our Customer Service hotline at 650-566-0800.

International Customers

If you are a customer outside of the U.S., click here for a list of our international distributors. We have distributors in a number of major international markets. All of our distributors maintain a good inventory of all of our products and do an excellent job of supporting their Zendura customers. If you are near one, they can get your product to you faster than we can, and at a lower shipping cost. If you are not near a distributor, please contact us for help ordering.

Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates

Online ordering from this web store features carrier-calculated shipping. This provides accurate “spot” shipping rates for most orders, but for particularly large (heavy) orders or distant shipments they may be incorrect. For such orders, contact us to obtain an accurate shipping quote.

Compare Zendura FLX to Zendura A

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