Indications for Use

Zendura Thermoformable Sheet Materials are intended for prescription use in the fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances.
Thermoforming Zendura Appliances

The instructions provided with each Zendura package are based on years of experience. We recommend for first time users that you follow the recommended instructions and conduct trial runs before attempting your first appliance. The heating time may need to be adjusted due to variation from thermoformer to thermoformer.

A well-thermoformed Zendura dental appliance will illustrate good definition of gum line and gingival textures, while maintaining proper thickness to avoid possible breakage due to tearing and pulling.

It is not implied that any information provided regarding the molding, thermoforming, trimming and fabrication of Zendura appliance is the best and/or only guideline a dental technician should follow. We encourage you to use the information as a benchmark practice, and make appropriate adjustments as needed to produce the desired appliance.

Medical Disclaimer

Bay Materials, LLC, certifies that Zendura dental materials have been manufactured and qualified against a thorough product specification and have been independently tested and passed Systemic Injection, Intracutaneous and Intramuscular Implant biocompatible tests. Given the unique nature of each application, and that the fabrication of an appliance is dependent on the material, the thermoforming machine, the mold, and the skill of the technician, we only warrant that each Zendura sheet meets our rigorous specifications.

The information provided by Bay Materials on the website that relates to dental, medical and health conditions or issues, or the products and treatments related to these, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional medical advice or diagnosis, and should not be used as or considered a replacement for professional medical consultation, advice or diagnosis or treatment. The information should also not be considered comprehensive as it does not cover all possible conditions, ailments, treatments and medical information. The information on this website should not be used to modify, hinder or prohibit any existing or prescribed treatment of a medical professional.

We do encourage you to contact us with related questions and issues about using Zendura materials.

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