Comparing Zendura FLX With Zendura A

Zendura FLX is a premium aligner material engineered specially for fabricating best-in-class aligners. A fairly flexible yet highly elastic and crack resistant material, FLX is now widely regarded as by far the very best commercially available material for aligners.

Zendura FLX vs. Zendura A

Material Comparison

Watch how Zendura FLX distinguishes itself from ordinary materials

Comparing Zendura FLX and Zendura A

Features and Benefits of Zendura FLX vs Zendura A

Zendura FLX Zendura A
Patient comfort during tooth movement stages Excellent Good
Long-duration tooth-moving force Better Good
Durability and crack resistance for long-term retainer use Better Exceptional
Ease of Insertion & removal Better Good
Visual clarity Excellent Excellent
Stain-resistance Excellent Excellent
Number of Layers 3 1
Ease of trimming & finishing Excellent Good

Patient Selection Factors to Consider When Selecting the Ideal Material

Zendura FLX Zendura A
Can be used with attachments/engagers Excellent Good
Heavy bruxers Better Good
Long-term wear Better Exceptional
Sensitive gums Better Good
Difficult patient Excellent Excellent

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Using Zendura FLX?

Zendura FLX is easy to fabricate into aligners Configuring your thermoformer Trimming and Finishing
  • For clinicians and technicians familiar with commodity aligner and retainer materials, we think you will be pleased with how easy it is to fabricate Zendura FLX into a top-tier aligner. Many lab techs have told us they love working with FLX because it is so easy to work with, particularly when it comes to trimming and polishing aligners.

  • For clinicians and technicians currently using Zendura A, we think the increased flexibility of Zendura FLX will make many of your fabrication processes even easier.
  • Depending on the make/model of thermoformer you are using, Zendura FLX and Zendura A require different heating times. Be sure to consult the IFU shipped with the Zendura product you are working with for our recommended heating time and temperature configuration settings.

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