Why Zendura?

The Zendura line of thermoplastic products is designed specially to advance the science and art of clear aligner orthodontic treatment, providing optimum solutions for both teeth movement and teeth retention. They deliver the perfect blend of superior stress retention, crack resistance, durability, strength and stain resistance properties.
Zendura Product Categories

Our products fall into 3 basic categories:

Zendura FLX

For fabricating teeth movement aligners

Zendura FLX is our new multilayer aligner material is widely recognized as the new benchmark for exceptional teeth movement and patient comfort. It features a unique dual-shell construction with an elastomeric polyurethane inner core encased in a hard outer shell.

Zendura A

For fabricating post-treatment retainers and aligners

Zendura A is a monolayer material is made entirely of a proprietary polyurethane resin. The orthodontic industry considers it as the well-established gold standard as a post-treatment retainer material for its exceptional crack resistance and stress retention. It is also still widely used as an aligner and a “finishing” aligner material.

Zendura AT

For fabricating attachment templates

Zendura AT is the first material engineered especially for fabricating attachment templates. It is renowned for its ability to capture attachment details and allow clinicians to more easily and precisely position attachments on patients’ teeth.

When Doctors Should Use Zendura FLX

Read below when doctors should consider using Zendura FLX and how they benefit from it

Doctors should consider using Zendura FLX when

  • Precise, consistent teeth movement over a 7-10 day wear period is essential.

  • Patient comfort is a high priority, ensuring good patient compliance.

  • Exceptional teeth movement and patient comfort combined opens up wider range of treatment protocols.

  • Extended ultra clarity and high stain resistance are priorities for your patients.

  • You want an aligner material that will properly hug the teeth to help facilitate desired tooth movements.

How Doctors Benefit

  • Helps eliminate treatment refits and resets.

  • The exceptional teeth movement force allows you to consider shortening wear periods and overall treatment time.

  • Eliminating aligner breakage and deformation reduces labor cost and chair time.

  • Having wider range of treatment protocols allows you to treat a wider range of cases.

  • The improved clear aligner treatment performance and patient satisfaction allows you to grow your clear aligner business.

  • More satisfied patients means more patient referrals.

When Patients Should Use Zendura FLX

Read below when patients should use Zendura FLX and how they can benefit from it
Patients should consider using Zendura FLX when

  • You have settled on clear aligner therapy treatment and demand the very best clear aligner material available.

  • You want to maximize the likelihood of your being fully satisfied with your orthodontic treatment.

  • Significantly better patient comfort means your orthodontic treatment won’t disrupt your normal daily life.

  • You don’t want to have to worry about aligner breakage or distortion.

  • Extended ultra clarity and stain resistance is a priority.
How Patients Benefit

  • Using the very best aligner material available means greater confidence in receiving orthodontic treatment you will be fully satisfied with.

  • Reduces the amount of treatment time.

  • Helps ensure a good patient treatment experience.

  • Helps eliminate aligner breakage and deformation.

  • Helps prevent time-consuming office re-visits and aligner replacements.

When Doctors Should Use Zendura A

Read below to know when to use Zendura A and how it will benefit doctors the most
Doctors should consider using Zendura A when

  • Breakage costs you extra labor cost and chair time.

  • Retention of shape or position is a primary objective.

  • Clarity is important for patient compliance.

  • When a thinner appliance profile is advantageous.

  • The client seems to be rough on appliances.

How Doctors Benefit

  • Reduced breakage, less chair-time per case and lower costs for impressions and refits.

  • Higher standard of performance leads to improved patient retention.

  • Greater patient satisfaction leads to higher referral rates.

When Patients Should Use Zendura A

Learn more about Zendura A and its benefits
Patients should consider using Zendura FLX when

  • Your retainers cracking means inconvenient re-visits to your orthodontist or dentist.

  • Your current retainers wear out or stretch after only a few months or even weeks.

  • You find it hard to keep your retainers clean and clear.

  • You prefer that your retainer is thinner and more comfortable and hugs your teeth better.

  • You are frustrated with breaking your retainers during use.

How Patients Benefit

  • Tighter, thinner and more comfortable fit improves wear time and occlusion and whole wear experience.

  • Longer product life means more convenient and satisfied ownership.

  • Long-term stain and crack resistance prevents unnecessary office re-visits and replacements.