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A New Generation of Aligner Material

Zendura FLX

Read about why our innovative Zendura FLX aligner material has become the new standard for exceptional teeth movement force and patient comfort, enabling a much wider range of clear aligner treatment protocols.


By far the best thermoplastic retainer material on the market. I tried a lot of other brands, and Zendura is simply the best. It’s easy to trim and polish, adapts well, and is way more durable, and breakages are quite rare.

Dr. Ahmed Mansour, D.D.S.

We have found the Zendura material to be the best we have seen in years. The strength and durability have been good, and the fit has been excellent.

Drs. Tony Harwell Sr., D.D.S

Zendura is slightly more expensive, but it is a fantastic material. It has reduced broken aligners and retainers to almost 0 in our busy lab.

Donal P. Inman, Founder & President, Inman Aligners

I have been very pleased with the Zendura material for aligners and retainers. Zendura is thin, durable and smooth. Patient compliance is never an issue because of its superior comfort and esthetics!

Dr. Erika M. Wetzel, D.D.S.

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