Why Zendura?

For Doctors

For Patients

Consider Using Zendura When
  1. Breakage costs you extra labor cost and chair time.
  2. Retention of shape or position is a primary objective.
  3. When clarity is important for patient compliance.
  4. When a thinner profile is advantageous.
  5. The client seems to be rough on appliances.
Consider Using Zendura When
  1. Cracking Your retainers required inconvenient re-visits to your orthodontist or dentist.
  2. Your current retainers wear out or stretch after only a few months or even weeks.
  3. You find it hard to keep your retainers clean and clear.
  4. You prefer that your retainer can be thinner and hug your teeth better.
  5. You are frustrated with breaking your retainer during use.


How You Benefit:
  • Reduced breakage, less chair-time per case and lower costs for impressions & refits.
  • Higher standard of performance leads to improved patient retention.
  • Greater patient satisfaction leads to higher referral rates.
    How You Benefit:
    • Tight, thinner and comfortable fit improves experience, wear time and occlusion.
    • Longer product life means more convenient ownership.
    • Long-term stain and crack resistance prevents unnecessary office re-visits and replacements.
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