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Pressure Fabrication Zendura Materials
Click here to download IFU covering these Zendura A SKUs: 9156, 9163, 9164, 9169, 9193, 9157, 9171, 9190, 9191, 9192.
Click here to download IFU covering these Zendura FLX SKUs: 9204, 9231, 9207, 9229.
Click here to download IFU covering Zendura AT  SKU: 9206.
Vacuum Fabrication Zendura Material Click here to download IFU covering SKU# 9164 (the Zendura sheet dimension most commonly used with vacuum thermoformers). 

Fabrication Instructions

Tips & Tricks

Pressure Fabrication Common Questions
Vacuum Fabrication Thermoforming Tips
Cutting, Trimming & Finishing Techniques Tooth Extrusions Using Clear Aligners
Retainer Finishing Video Minor Tooth Movement Cases
Fabrication of Pontic Retainer Improve Retention via Trimming

Zendura Material Properties


What's Polyurethane International Orders & Shipping
Crack & Stain Resistance Returns and Refunds
Material Stress Relaxation Intended Use and Disclaimer
Why Matte Surface Zendura FLX Brochure.pdf
Zendura Retainer Durability Zendura A Brochure.pdf
Zendura FLX SDS (MSDS)
Zendura A SDS (MSDS)
Zendura AT SDS (MSDS)