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What Is Zendura?

Zendura is a high-performance material designed and engineered just for dental appliances. That means we optimized its strength, ductility, crack-resistance, color and clarity to work better than other materials for your dental care.

We even made sure it resists hazing from alcohol or staining from mustard so that foods you enjoy won't damage your aligner or retainer. What's more, Zendura material is completely BPA and phthalate freel!

Is Zendura Brand New?

No, Zendura material has been widely used for a number of years, and is well-proven. The first generation of Zendura was developed for the specific needs of a major U.S. clear aligner treatment company in 1999 by Dr. Ray Stewart and a team of other material scientists at Bay Materials, LLC.

Zendura was first introduced as a product in 2005 with improved stress retention (the ability to move your teeth into position without losing strength in the process) and clarity. Approximately Two Million aligners have been produced with Zendura by leading aligner orthodontic companies such as ClearCorrect since then.

Why Should I Care About Zendura?

Instead of working to make each sheet a dollar or two cheaper, we worked to make Zendura the highest performing clear dental material available, and that performance enables orthodontists and dentists to do their best work for you.

What Will Zendura Do For Me?

Zendura is clear, so you can wear it without looking like you're about to jump into a boxing match. It also stays clear better than other materials, so it won't turn a weird yellow or off-white.

Zendura is also tougher and stronger than other clear aligner and retainer materials. Strong means a Zendura appliance holds its original shape without warping or getting loose a few months later. A Zendura appliance helps your teeth get exactly into position instead of just kind-of into position. Tough means it resists cracking, chipping or other damage, which can make an aligner or retainer ineffective, ugly or even dangerous. That means no going back to the orthodontist or dentist for replacements, so a Zendura aligner or retainer can save you time and money.

A good clear retainer can usually be used for up to 12 months without losing some holding strength and developing minor stains. But a Zendura clear retainer can last up to 3 years without losing its holding strength and clarity.*

*Yes, we hedged our bets by saying "up to." There is always a chance that even a mighty Zendura retainer fails before its time, but we have extensively tested Zendura against other clear retainer materials and found it to be the most resistant to chemical and physical wear and tear.

See a demonstration of a Zendura Retainer withstanding "manual testing" Here.

ClearCorrect patients talking about their experience with Zendura Plastic:

I love the Zendura plastic! When you first put your aligners in they are a bit stiff but after a few days they become slightly more flexible and soft. They are pretty clear, don't cut my gums, and they are very easy to clean!
–Jessica Little
While being someone that mainly speaks on the phone, I knew that my 2nd time having braces, I did not want traditional braces because you never know when you'll be representing the company. I needed something professional, something I could clearly speak with, and I've gotten that.

I also sought after a product that would be clear, and the Zendura plastic that ClearCorrect's aligners are made of has provided that for me. I've had to actually point out to others that I'm wearing them, and that is a great feeling! At first when you put them in it can feel like a little bit of pressure (a tight hug for your teeth if you will!) but moments later it's easy to forget they are in, especially on busy days.

I'd take it any day over my old braces and having to live on apple sauce for days! While I quickly learned they can't stand up to a determined puppy that loves anything plastic, they have stood up well to my daily life and normal circumstances and even a few accidental falls. I have no doubts that they will stand strong!
– Katrina Ryefield
I have now been done with my treatment for a while. I am extremely happy with the results that my Dr. (Chris Paulson DDS of Arbor Dental Associates) was able to provide to me.

I work for Brasseler USA which is one of the leaders in the dental instrumentation field and has given me some knowledge on these products and services. I am 100% happy with my case and the results ClearCorrect gave to my smile! When I started the treatment there was a different plastic being used. Once it was switched to the Zendura plastic I felt the feel, fit and definitely the clarity and ability to keep the aligners clean and transparent changed drastically for the better!
–Travis E. Wilson

Where Can I Get It?

Request a Zendura aligner or retainer from your orthodontist or dentist. They can buy the material directly from, or print this flyer and bring it to them.

Search for doctors near you via this link by typing in your zip code or address, or contact us for information on local doctors who offer Zendura aligners and retainers.