Comparison of Zendura FLX and Zendura A

Zendura FLX was designed as a premium aligner material. It is optimized to combine best-in-class patient comfort (and thus compliance) with pinpoint-accurate tooth movement over a one or two-week period. Zendura A (Classic Zendura) excels where either high initial movement force or extreme rigidity, such as for a retainer, is desired.

For longer-term usage - as in post-treatment retainers - and for special situations (e.g. heavy bruxers) the remarkable overall toughness of Zendura A will be beneficial.

Features & Benefits of Zendura FLX vs Zendura A

Zendura FLX Zendura A
Toughness for long-term retainer use Better Exceptional
Comfort during tooth movement stages Better Good
Ease of Insertion & removal Better Good
Long-duration tooth-moving force Better Good
Visual clarity Excellent Excellent
Stain-resistance Excellent Excellent
Number of Layers 3 1
Ease of trimming & finishing Excellent Good


It is important to also consider patient selection factors to choose the ideal material:

Patient Factor Zendura FLX Zendura A
Heavy bruxer
Sensitive gums
Longer-term wear
Requires attachments/engagers
Difficult patient

What do I need to Know Before Using Zendura FLX?

Zendura FLX is easy to handle

  • For clinicians and technicians familiar with commodity materials, we think you'll be pleased with the ease-of-use.
  • For clinicians and technicians currently using Zendura A, we think the increased flexibility of Zendura FLX will make many of your processes even easier.


Zendura FLX requires different time and/or temperature settings than Zendura A. Check the Zendura FLX instructions for use for recommended settings.


  • With Scissors: trimming should be easy and quick, no special technique required.
  • With burr or rotary cutter: consider reducing burr speed to reduce flash.


In our testing, we see less flash during trimming, so finishing should be easy. As with trimming, consider using a finishing tool at either lower speed or lower abrasion than used for commodity materials.

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