Cutting, Trimming & Finishing Techniques

 We've gleaned the following best-practices for efficiency and reproducibility from our customers over the years. If what you are currently doing works well for you, don't feel obligated to change your process to match our suggestions.  

Cutting, Trimming and Finishing

Step 1. Form Zendura sheet over dental model.

Step 2: Using small, curved scissors, remove excess material surrounding dental model.

Step 3. Turn formed sheet and dental upside down and insert small straight screwdriver where shown (on lingual side).  

Step 4. Slightly twist the screwdriver to break the aligner loose from the model, as shown below.

Step 5: Push screwdriver tip further into opening between formed sheet and model.

Step 6. Remove aligner from model.

Step 7. Using small, curved scissors, cut away excess material from aligner, cutting about 1cm to 1.2cm below the gingiva line.

Step 9. Using rotary tool with a polishing wheel, smooth cut edges of aligner to a smooth surface using first a coarse grit and then a medium grit polishing wheel.

 Step 10. Rinse Zendura appliance with cool water and mild soap before delivering.


Another Technique for Cutting, Trimming and Finishing 

Some of our customers prefer using a rotary tool for cutting, trimming and polishing their Zendura appliances. The following illustrates the basic procedure and tools they use. 

Step 1. Use a rotary trimming wheel or a twist drill (1mm diameter for Zendura material) at about 35,000 rpm to make a cut line about 15mm - 10mm below the gingiva. Then remove the excess material. 


Step 2. Remove dental model from the appliance.

Step 3. Trim off extra parts with crown & bridge scissors or trimming burs.


Step 4. Use rotary tool with a polishing wheel at about 10,000 rpm to smooth the rough edges of the Zendura appliance. 


Step 5. Rinse Zendura appliance with cool water and mild soap before delivering.


A video demonstration of this technique:


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  • Erkogum Blocking Out Materials (Glide Laboratories Item#:70-1090-ERK0006)                                        
  • Perfecta Block-Out Resin (Henry Schein Item#: 4008300)
  • Liquid Foil Separator (GreatLakes Orthodontics Item#: 175-034)
  • Trimming Wheel
  • Twist Drill (Komet USA Pg 35, Item#: H219 104 023)
  • Trimming Bur (Dentsply International Item#: 18979W)
  • Scissors (Dentsply International Item#: 18004)
  • Polishing Brushes