Trimming Techniques


Before you go on reading, we would like to emphasize that we have seen many successful procedures for finishing and trimming parts, though – if what you already do works well, don't feel obligated to change process to match our suggestions.  

We want to make sure everyone has access to best-practices information for efficiency and reproducibility when forming Zendura material. And we are more than happy to share what we think makes for the easiest and most effective Zendura fabrication process.

Mold Preparation Before Thermoforming

1. The model needs to be well cured and dry. 

2. The model should be trimmed (or buried in metal granules) to be around 3/4’’—1’’ high to prevent further stretching (thinning) of the material down the model when thermoforming.

3.Fill in any holes or undercuts with blockout material/resin and let dry.


4. Coat the model with liquid foil separator or model release agent (to prevent the appliance from sticking to the model) and let dry (if using a plastic model, use silicone spray or cooking oil).

Trimming and Finishing

1.    Cut Zendura appliance off the foil using a trimming wheel or a twist drill (1mm diameter for Zendura material). Operate the trimming wheel or twist drill at around 35,000 rpm and cut as close to the finished outline of the appliance as possible. (Suggest leaving at least 3mm of the gingiva.)


2.    Remove appliance from the foil, trim off extra parts with crown & bridge scissors or trimming burs.


3.    Polish the edges of Zendura appliance with an edge polisher at a speed of around 10,000 rpm. 


4.    Rinse Zendura appliance with cool water and mild soap before delivering.


You can also watch a video demonstration below:


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  • Erkogum Blocking Out Materials (Glide Laboratories Item#:70-1090-ERK0006)                                        
  • Perfecta Block-Out Resin (Henry Schein Item#: 4008300)
  • Liquid Foil Separator (GreatLakes Orthodontics Item#: 175-034)
  • Trimming Wheel
  • Twist Drill (Komet USA Pg 35, Item#: H219 104 023)
  • Trimming Bur (Dentsply International Item#: 18979W)
  • Scissors (Dentsply International Item#: 18004)
  • Polishing Brushes