Customer Testimonial


"By far the best thermoplastic retainer material on the market. Tried a lot of other brands and Zendura is simply the best. It adapts very well and is very easy to trim and polish. It is way more durable and breakages are quite rare. I highly recommend Zendura retainers."

-Dr. Ahmed Mansour, D.D.S


"We have had great success with the Zendura product and have spent quite a bit of time perfecting the fabrication process in both moving teeth and as a standard invisible retainer.  Doctors who use our lab for Zendura material will always get excellent results."

-Mike Wright, C.D.T.



"We have found the Zendura Plastic to be the BEST we have seen in year. The strength and durability have been good and the fit has been excellent!"

-Dr. Tony Harwell, Sr. & Dr. Anthony Harwell, Jr. D.D.S



"I have been very pleased with the Zendura plastic that ClearCorrect uses for its aligners and retainers. Zendura is thin, durable, smooth and has excellent clarity. Patient compliance is never an issue because of its superior comfort and esthetics!" 

-Dr. Erika M. Wetzel, D.D.S.


"A friend of mine recently recommended Zendura clear retainer material to me. I have a very large adult Invisalign practice and very demanding patients. The very suggestion of a Hawley retainer to these patients is always met with opposition and contempt. Over the years, I have tried a seemingly endless amount of different clear retainer materials from many companies and I have never been completely satisfied with any of them. Problems have ranged from discoloration, cracking, distortion, loose fit, patient discomfort and too much flexibility of the material around the lower 7’s."

"Finally after all these years Zendura has virtually eliminated all of those problems from my practice. My lab technician loves working with Zendura and can crank out a Zendura clear retainer very quickly using our Great Lakes Biostar machine. Patients who have become accustomed to the intimate fit of an aligner love their Zendura retainers." 

"Zendura is a wonderful product for a cosmetically driven orthodontic practice and I recommend it to anyone who wants the absolute best clear retainers for their patients." 

-Dr. Geoffrey M. Glick, D.M.D., M.S.D.


"Since switching to ClearCorrect I have been impressed by the difference in their plastic when compared to the plastic other clear aligner companies use. The Zendura brand plastic offers a more clear fit and finished product, and I have received great feedback from my patients about the clarity and comfort the plastic brings. It has even reduced my patients' concern over the uneven appearance they saw in other clear aligner products."

"Zendura's rigid strength is critical to providing greater cervical adaption throughout each aligner's lifespan, thus giving me the control I needed to reduce slippage and provide successful treatment and outcomes to my patients."

-Dr. Peter Rivoli, D.D.S



"Zendura, the plastic ClearCorrect's aligners are made of, is superior in quality when compared to others. It's durable, yet easy to cut when needed. My patients tell me that no one realizes they are in the middle of orthodontic treatment, and they even get compliments about their nicer and shinier smile all the time. With minimal home care, they are stain free during the course of the treatment." 

-Dr. Sherry Soleymani, D.D.S


"The Zendura material used in making the aligners is very high-quality. It is very comfortable for patients to wear, and I have had no problems with breaking or wear, though. Also, in the rare instance a little trimming is needed, it is very easy to do so." 

-Dr. Paul C. Schmude, D.D.S 



“The fit and ‘feel’ of the Zendura material that ClearCorrect aligners are made from is an exciting progression for the patient when comparing them to other aligner systems. When the material ‘feels’ smooth and non-obtrusive, the likelihood of patient compliance is greatly increased. Another fact about Zendura is that it is exceptionally durable as I have not had any patient ‘chew’ through one!" 

-Dr. S. David Moore, D.D.S 



"I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone at ClearCorrect. All our cases run so smooth and there are never any surprises. As for the materials, the Zendura plastic has been wonderful. It is very clear, has the proper stiffness to move the teeth, I have not had one break, and patients say they feel great. Thanks again for everything you do!" 

-Dr. Edgar A. Luna, D.M.D 



"We have yet to experience any issue in terms of Zendura's durability, and the patients all seem to be pleased with the comfort and feel of the plastic as well the lack of streaking that can be seen with a competitor's trays." 

-Dr. Zach McCallum, D.D.S 



“Zendura is a ridged polyurethane material developed through rigorous laboratory test methods that predict product performance and lifetime. That is why this plastic material is mostly used in aligners. It is extremely durable and the high clarity contributes to patient compliance."

"Zendura fulfills all the needs for an aligner to obtain predictable tooth movement and durability. I am very happy ClearCorrect has chosen to use this material.” 

-Dr. Carmen Schuller, D.D.S 



"I find the Zendura plastic quite amenable to my needs. It's strong, flexible, invisible, and patients even find it easy to clean. Just one more thing to love about ClearCorrect!" 

-Dr. Jeffrey Penfil, D.M.D 



"I was introduced to Zendura in 2007 when Dr. Ross was asked to participate in a Bay Materials marketing study. I loved it from the start because of its improved “tight” fit, and its ease of trimming. By using a trimming disc, crown/bridge scissors, and sandpaper, I can produce an appliance that fits well every time with confidence." 

"My patients love it too because the appliance has excellent clarity and wears more comfortably. I have several patients wearing Zendura retainers for almost 3 years without discoloration and cracking!" 

-Sandra Griffith, R.D.A 



"I started using Zendura in 2010 when my colleagues suggested that we change from conventional materials. I disliked Zendura at first because I had difficulty removing the appliance from the mold. Recognizing that Zendura has a tighter fit, I began using 'liquid foil separator' on the mold, and to take more care with removal. My issue was eliminated and I am now a believer in Zendura." 

"We are now using Zendura for everything in our office."

-Victoria Medina, R.D.A