Finishing a Zendura Retainer: Video Demonstration

by ZenduraDental Team July 09, 2013

We understand trimming and finishing a Zendura appliance can be challenging. We have been actively interviewing Zendura customers so we can share the best practices and most straightforward techniques with all professionals using Zendura. 

We are excited to share the following video of cutting and finishing a Zendura retainer by Dr. Alejandro Ramírez, quickly and elegantly. He uses two cutting bits and one polishing head on an NSK rotary tool to cut the retainer off the sheet, remove excess material, and then polish the edges.

Despite this shining example, we would like to emphasize that we have seen many successful procedures for finishing and trimming parts. If you have a working process, don't feel obligated to adopt what is shown in the video.

We want to make sure all Zendura users have access to best-practices information -  so you get the best results when forming Zendura material. We are more than happy to share what we think makes for the easiest and most effective Zendura fabrication process. If you have some technique or procedure that you think is worth sharing, or have questions – as always, don't hesitate to contact us at


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ZenduraDental Team
ZenduraDental Team