Zendura Squares Now Available For Your Vacuum Former

by ZenduraDental Team September 12, 2012

The Zendura Vacuum Story

Zendura material (until now) has been limited to the use of “pressure” type molding machines. This specification was based on high quality requirements for gum line definition and gingival textures during thermoforming. We accessed a few “old” vacuum forming machines and found with experimentation that we could not generate as good a result as that produced by a pressure former, so we have advised against using vacuum type machines with Zendura.

After we introduced the material to the dental market, we have been continuously questioned regarding its use with “vacuum” forming machines. We have been challenged by our customers! Several of our customers have successfully molded Zendura using vacuum forming machines, and have suggested that we change our position. We purchased a few vacuum forming machines and have generated “good forming” results—the appliance has demonstrated details of the model and well defined gum lines. 


The following is a summary of our experience.

What Works With Vacuum Forming?

There are variations of vacuum machines. Most are manual requiring the operator to place the plastic sheet into the holder, move it under the heater element, heat for a fixed time, then move the material quickly into forming position and apply the vacuum. We see good results when the vacuum forming system heats efficiently, moves the material from heat to form in a one stroke (quick) operation, and has sufficient vacuum to form the material.

What About Your Vacuum Former?

Recognizing that there are multiple designs and brands on the market (and some of them would excite antique collectors), you should be able to generate a good result if your machine heats efficiently, the material is transferred quickly from heat mode to vacuum forming mode, and there is good air flow under the mold platform.

If you do not generate good results without difficulty, we would recommend that you consider replacing your current machine. We will always recommend the use of pressure machines simply because of the substantial increase in molding pressure.

Accordingly, we are broadening the specifications for use of Zendura, making it a great option for everyone, even if you are not ready to switch to a pressure forming system. Zendura material is now offered at
125mm x 125mm squares to fit standard vacuum forming systems!

Feel free to contact us if you want samples to try!

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ZenduraDental Team
ZenduraDental Team