Zendura Now Available At 120mm

by ZenduraDental Team August 09, 2012

Last time, we were talking about the benefits of using a pressure forming machine that applies a higher pressure to give you better definition and fit of the appliances thermoformed from Zendura sheets. However we also found vacuum machines, such as Erkoform-3d™ can also work well on Zendura, thanks to the exploratory effort from our diligent customers. 

While most suggested thermo forming machines such as Biostar® and MiniSTAR accept sheets at 125mm round shape, the Erkoform-3d™ machine only takes 120mm sheets and customers of this machine have to manually cut the sheets to fit the plate every time they use it. 

To accommodate the needs, we have started offering Zendura sheet of a new dimension at 120mm to fit your thermo forming machine that accepts a smaller size! 

Thank you for trusting us with your dental practice!

ZenduraDental Team
ZenduraDental Team


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