How Durable Can a Zendura Retainer Be?

by ZenduraDental Team November 18, 2013

We measure Zendura materials in material-engineering qualities of "stress retention" and "durability", but other people usually have more pragmatic questions like “Does this retainer break?”. Dr. Alejandro Ramírez had that exact question when he was qualifying retainer materials for his use. Luckily for us, he had his smartphone on-hand to document the very manual test method he had in mind.

If you pardon us saying so, we’re very proud of how Zendura material's elasticity and toughness endure "abuse", while maintaining patient comfort with a good fit. We are happy to share the result and we thank Dr. Ramirez for providing his video to share.

P.S. Neither we nor Dr. Ramirez are under the impression this is a controlled scientific study, nor did we solicit this test or result from the good doctor. However there are probably few ways to get a better “hands on” feel for the capabilities of Zendura materials.

ZenduraDental Team
ZenduraDental Team