About Zendura

Zendura material is based on a superior polymeric material that was specifically developed to advance the clear aligner therapy technology. 

Stepping back into history, Dr. Ray Stewart, Ph.D., a principle of Bay Materials, worked with the leader of orthodontic aligner technology in 1999 to develop a material that was ideal for clear aligner orthodontic treatment. He, in collaboration with a team of material scientists at Bay Materials, succeeded in developing a material that later became the benchmark in the clear aligner industry, and has been used broadly for clear aligner treatment since 2000. 


Zendura branded material was developed and greatly improved in stress retention and optical clarity properties over its older generation in 2004 by the same group of material scientists. Since 2005, Zendura supply has been limited to several major aligner treatment companies, including ClearCorrect who has been using Zendura material exclusively for its aligner orthodontic system since its early days.

Over the years, orthodontists and dentists have requested access to Zendura for use in conventional applications such as retainers, temporary bridges, surgical splints and bleaching trays, etc. Encouraged by the positive feedback and enthusiasm that we have received from the customers that Zendura has been exceptional in durability, stress retention and cracking resistance, we decided to offer Zendura broadly to the whole market and officially launched this website in early 2012.  


Bay Materials continues to work on material technology advancements in cooperation with leading aligner technology companies and orthodontists, and we will continue to develop new materials that are crafted to further improve the art of orthodontics. 

The ZenduraDental team is proud of our contribution to the changing face of orthodontics! 


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