About Zendura

The Story of Zendura

Zendura material is based on a superior polymer chemistry, developed specifically to advance clear aligner therapy technology.

In 1999, Dr. Ray Stewart Ph.D. and a team of material scientists at Bay Materials, were tasked with formulating a material that was ideal for clear aligner orthodontic treatment. Rather than starting with the inexpensive dental resins available, the team worked backwards from requirements of toughness, clarity, and excellent stress retention to best move teeth.

The team succeeded in developing a material that became a benchmark in the clear aligner industry and was used broadly for clear aligner treatment since 2000.

However, the story of Zendura does not end there. The Bay Materials team saw room for improvement, and in 2004, began a new development effort. This project yielded targeted improvements to optical clarity and stress retention. From these results, Zendura branded material was born. Since 2005, Zendura supply was limited to several major aligner treatment companies, including ClearCorrect, who has been using Zendura material exclusively for its aligner orthodontic systems.

Over time, orthodontists and dentists requested access to Zendura for use in conventional applications such as retainers, temporary bridges, surgical splints and bleaching trays. Encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm, Bay Materials decided to offer Zendura for direct sale and launched this web store in early 2012.